Acrobatic Conundrum

The Circus of Second Chances

Wednesday, August 21st at 7:30pm
San Juan Community Theatre
Adults $25, Student Reserved $15
Premiered May 2022, Yaw Theater
PNW Tour: Seattle & Portland September 2022

On a relentless quest for wonder, three veteran acrobats let their imaginations run wild to fulfill secret longings. Fluent in the language of circus, Acrobatic Conundrum’s principal performers melt the fourth wall to reveal their fatal flaws and journeys to redemption. In our homes we are out at sea, on our living room couch we find ourselves on an epic odyssey; so much rests upon the fate of a dozen lemons.

Leveraging their long-running friendships with each other, Emma Curtiss, Melissa Knowles, and Terry Crane put all their talents and quirky craftiness into this dada circus romp. They climb, cavort, invert, revert, and subvert in a capricious acrobatic tale for the ages. Featuring trapezes, ropes, Cyr wheel, equilibrism, hand-balancing, + clown.

Original Music Composed by: Kamila

Artistic Instigation: Elizabeth Klob
Artistic Eye + Clown Consulting: Rebecca Renfrow
Lighting Designer: Stella Kutz
Acrobatic Conundrum main.jpg