On Book: Enchanted April by Matthew Barber

Wednesday 12/13 & Thursday 12/14 @ 7:30 pm
Whittier Theatre
In the On Book series, island directors gather actors and friends to read new, classic, and prize-winning plays.

This performance is Pay-What-You-Can

Synopsis: Sweet-natured Lotty Wilton is suffering depression from the bleak London winter, and from an oppressive relationship with her pompous solicitor husband. When she sees an advertisement in the paper to rent a castle in Italy for the month of April, an idyllic spot “for those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine,” she jumps at the chance to escape her downtrodden existence. Sensing an instant kinship with fellow housewife Rose Arnott, a severely angelic woman with sorrows of her own, Lotty persuades her along on the adventure. Seeking to reduce the costs, the two ladies find Caroline Bramble, a beautiful and exhausted socialite, and Mrs. Graves, an overbearing widow, to round out the party. As the month passes, verdant sun-drenched San Salvatore works its magic on each sad and hardened heart, healing grief and bringing hope. And with the arrival of two chastened husbands and one attractive young artist, romance blooms again. Matthew Barber’s Enchanted April, based on Elizabeth Von Arnim’s beloved novel of the 1920s, is a gentle and romantic comedy of manners. Against the backdrop of a country still reeling from World War I Enchanted April offers its characters, and viewers, a necessary balm of sunshine and renewal.
Enchanted April square - December dates main.png

LOTTY WILTON – Alisha C Halverson
ROSE ARNOTT – Lynda Guernsey
CAROLINE BRAMBLE– Jackie Williamson
ANTONY WILDING – Corbin Marcotte
MRS GRAVES – Melody Smith
COSTANZA – Brynn Newell
Stage Directions- Shannon Kelly