Showcasing Island Playwrights!

Playwrights Festival 2018

Project Coordinator: Stan Matthews

Thursday - Saturday, September 6-8 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 8 2:00 pm
Sunday, September 9 2:00 pm
Gubelman Theatre
Tickets for the fully staged performances $15

The following  plays will be fully staged and performed September 6th-8th at 7:30 pm and September 9th at 2:00 pm during the 2018 SJCT Playwrights Festival:

A Rescue  by  Carolyn Jewett
Letting Go by  Jan Zurcher
The Dressmaker by   Courtney Kessler-Jeffrey
The Depot  by  Jim Zurcher
For What It's Worth by Stan Matthews
Island Man by Mike Buettell
9th Annual Centennial  by  Donald Pollard
Relative Obscurity by   Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey

The following plays will be performed in a readers theatre-format matinee on September 8th at 2:00 pm:

Home Exchange  by  Debbie Emery
Mind Games  by  Carol Hooper
The Diehard  by John Aschoff
A Leak in the Plumbing  by  Pamela Herber
A Cellular Prophesy by Wendy Shepard
The Receptionist by Clayton Banry
World's Greatest Receptionist by  Tawan Shaller

Warning: some plays in the festival contain adult language and content
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2018 San Juan Island Playwrights Festival 
Cast List for Staged Shows

Relative Obscurity (Nathan K-J)   Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey  
Trin  -  Courtney Kessler-Jeffrey
Max - Heather Mueller

A Rescue (Carrie J)   Joy van Camp 
Lizzie  -  Courtney Kessler-Jeffrey
Nermal -  Jan Zurcher
Dr Hopkins -  Lynda Gurnsey
Chris - Clayton Banry
For What It's Worth (Stan M)    Julie Laidlaw    
Sarah -  Cori Morrell
Ricki  -  Duvie Dow
Jessie (Mom) -  Anne Benedict
Jackson -  Josh Boland

Letting Go (Jan Z)    Jim Zurcher  
Reggie -  David Stanford
Karen -   Lynda Gurnsey
Angela  -  Jan Zurcher

The Depot (Jim Z)   Jim Zurher 
Ralph -   Greg Swinford
Sam -   Susan Williamson

Island Man (Mike B)   Josh Boland
Milton Myers -   Greg Swinford
Sylvia Myers  -  Maureen See
Janet Sullivan -  Marci Hahn

The Dressmaker (Courtney K-J)   Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey
Mara -  Megan Kilpatrick-Boe
Cassie -  Carolyn  Jewett

9th Annual Centennial (Don P)    Lisa Moretti 
Harry Walker -  Mason Turnage
Martha Beaverton -  Julie Laidlaw
Librarian - Sam Cline