Playwrights Festival 2018

April 10th-September 5th 2018
$25-Full participation
$10- Submission fee for each additional play
$10- Submission for play consideration without participation in workshops and other events

Calling all San Juan Island playwrights! We want YOU for San Juan Community Theatre’s 2018 Playwrights Festival!

What is the Playwrights Festival? It is an opportunity for new and veteran playwrights alike to develop and present their work onstage. Festival performances of new works, created by islanders, will take place September 6th through September 9th in the Gubelman Theatre.

How can you get involved? Registration is now open for a series of workshops, readings, and mentoring available from mid-May until the script submission deadline: July 21st. All scripts meeting minimum requirements (see guidelines below) will be produced in the festival or performed as a reading at the festival matinee. Registration is open to all San Juan Island residents. Registration forms are available in the Box Office, or you can click the link below to download one.

What if you don’t want to participate in the development aspect of the festival? Playwrights are not required to participate in the development program to submit scripts for consideration. Scripts will be presented anonymously to a selection committee to determine what will be produced and what will be performed in the reading.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, or further develop your own, as a playwright, and to share your story with your island community! Join us!

Here’s more information about our script guidelines!

 Performance Length: 7-12 minutes

Cast: Five or fewer actors

Setting: Two sets will be offered

  • A small efficiency apartment: couch, chair, bed, table, microwave, fridge.
  • A generic waiting room: uncomfortable chairs, reception desk, public entrance door, door to inner office.

Content: There are no specific restrictions on content or language, however the play should be suitable for an adult audience

Script Format: Must be readable and in an accepted stageplay format. 

Note: It is possible that a truly outstanding script that stretches the guidelines some may be considered, however the playwright should consult the festival coordinator prior to submitting scripts that stray from the guidelines. You can contact our Festival Coordinator, Stan Matthews, via email at

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April 10 – May 17 Registrations Accepted 

May 20 – 2pm at PARC - Orientation+Workshop: Writing a play

May 27 –  2 pm at PARC - Workshop with a Professional Playwright

June 10 – 2 pm at PARC - Workshop with a Professional Director

July 14 –   Readings of works-in-progress for invited audience (with Directors & Actors. Audience: writers & friends)

July 23 –  Submittal Deadline (Prelim review for minimum requirements by Festival)

Aug 1  – Play Selection Announced

Aug 4 & 5 –   Auditions/Casting

Aug 13 – Sept 1 Rehearsals (PARC)

Sept 2 – 5  Tech/Dress (on performance stage)


Sept 6-8, 7:30 p.m. (Thurs-Saturday)

Sept 8, 2 p.m. On Book Performances of plays not performed on main stage

Sept. 9, 2 p.m. Matinee (Sunday)

Strike immediately after final performance