Bellingham Theatreworks

One Night Only!

Mrs. Bave Presents
The Pig War

A comedy by Steve Lyons
Directed by Mark Kuntz

Saturday, October 7 7:30 pm
Whittier Theatre
All reserved rickets $19; $5 Student RUSH at door only
The drive to tell a story no matter what the obstacles is behind the Bellingham Theatreworks' comedy, Mrs. Bave Presents the Pig War.

Back in 1959, San Juan Island resident Emelia (Lee) Bave was so determined to keep her San Juan Saga going after its one-time premiere featuring local talent, that when she found no local actors wanted to be in her play again, she replaced them with mannequins.  She then went on to present her drama about the Pig War to unsuspecting visitors for nearly 20 years.

Turn the clock forward to just a few years ago, and enter playwright Steve Lyons.  After a visit with friends to the island and hoping to see the then closed Pig War Museum (and being a bit of a history buff), he says he became “haunted by the idea of a woman who produced a play with mannequins because no one wanted to be in it.” 

So inspired, Steve wrote his own comedy subtitled “The almost true story of a play that nearly happened about a war that never occurred.”   In the play, Mrs. Bave’s cantankerous Pig War mannequins spring to life.  When they discover how horrible the script is, even the mannequins refuse to be in her play unless they can tell the true story of the Pig War.  So, Mrs. Bave presents the actual Pig War tale, as told by the mannequins who were there.

Following the play in the Whittier, a talk back will be held with Steve Lyons, National Parks educational specialist Raena Parsons and Emelia Bave’s daughter, Marsha. 


mrs bave web.jpg
Audrey Delaney-Hanna stars as Emelia (Lee) Bave in the premiere of Mrs. Bave Presents the Pig War
Photo credit:  Matt Pranger