When I was hired as the Director of Development, in what seems like a lifetime ago (April 2020), I was more than a little nervous. Fundraising? For an arts organization? During a pandemic?!  Thanks to a grant from the Murdock Trust, I gained employment while most of the country filed for unemployment. I cycled between apprehension and survivor's guilt. Had I signed myself up for an impossible task? Who wants to give to a theatre when we were all struggling to find a roll of toilet paper? 

I quickly learned that I didn’t have to answer any of these questions alone. The SJCT family tree has roots that extend throughout the community, past and present–made of passionate, dedicated people. From our Board of Trustees to our Development Committee, to our donors, patrons, volunteers, artists and staff, we’re endowed with an abundance of human resources. 

These past few months have been extremely challenging on every level. Our entire community, country and the world at large is feeling the sting of our new normal. We’re all feeling it on an emotional level, missing our loved ones and any sense of normalcy. We’re also all feeling the impact financially. And while SJCT is certainly not alone in this struggle, the state mandated closure has completely obliterated our primary source of earned revenue: ticket sales. This leaves us in a place where we have to ask for help because we can’t do this alone. We’re touched by the amount of support we’ve received so far. And are thrilled to continue enriching our community through performing arts by filming artists and students from the Island and sharing these videos online for free. We’re so grateful to be the conduit for local creativity, but can’t do it alone.

Please consider making a contribution and joining our family of supporters in keeping the arts alive in our community. We have many ways to contribute, including automatic monthly donations which is a great way to make a larger gift or simply make your giving easier. Reach out to our Development Associate, Amanda Smith at 360-378-3211 ext. 024 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Thank you for supporting your community theatre. 

Nicole Santora
Director of Development
San Juan Community Theatre
(360) 378-3211 ext. 028
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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