A Musical Written to be Rehearsed and Performed Remotely!

Virtual Performances: November 19-22, 2020

Two siblings launch rival good news networks and find themselves competing for the title of happiest news show. Soon, their correspondents are in a whirlwind of ecstatic musical reporting – from joyful weather forecasts, to cheerful cooking segments and blissful political updates! But, when vulnerability starts peeking through the euphoric facade, they’re left wondering: is there room for raw honesty on a super happy broadcast?


  1. Aspen Matthews
  2. Graham Matthews
  3. Theo Santora
  4. Salvador Mercer
  5. Jago McGee
  6. Liam Wilson
  7. Amelia Smith
  8. Nancy Wehner
  9. Jodie Wehner
  10. Sailor Huntemer
  11. Jessie Valencia
  12. Kyra Wilson
  13. Kate Curtis
  14. Liam Deyoung
  15. Violet Dolsen
  16. Zackery Tucker
  17. Zayde Tucker
  18. Elijah Enochs
  19. Maren Ellingson
  20. Conner Merritt
  21. Jonny Huntemer
  22. Nick Roberson
  23. Teigan Reed
  24. Emerald Hurley
  25. Meadow Carlson
  26. Rylend Merritt
  27. Alison Power
  28. Josephine Lane
  29. Emmi Tucker
  30. Myles Posenjak
  31. Kira Clark
  32. Georgia Keune
  33. Rubi Tucker
  34. Ayla Weese-Burkhardt
  35. Leela Griesemer

Directed by Penelope Haskew
Music Director: Jamie Mountford
Props Mistress: Mary Hurley
Costume Mistress: Callie McKay
SM/Assistant Video Editor: Sidney Herda

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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