San Juan Community Theatre’s (SJCT) mission is Enriching Community Through Performing Arts and we desire to include and reflect the diverse people of our island and world. SJCT acknowledges structural and systemic barriers that prevent full participation from many people in the United States and works actively to listen, learn, and address inequities in our organization and community.



SJCT seeks to be a place where people are actively included across race, gender, age, ability and disability, nationality, creed, class, and sexuality.



Structural and systemic barriers to full participation by diverse people exist in our community, our world, and our organization. SJCT works actively to remove these barriers and train staff, board, volunteers, and patrons to recognize and address them.



Pursuing equity is served by cultivating an anti-racism understanding that acknowledges and addresses the barriers in the United States for People of Color. SJCT will work to discover and address these barriers and inequities within our sphere of influence.


2022-23 Season Action Plan

  • Providing regular EDI learning opportunities for board, staff, and lead volunteers that includes social location and anti-bias terminology training
  • The creation of a reporting and escalation path for conflict resolution
  • Adjusting internal and external documents to remove gender-biased language