This event is not a fundraiser, but an opportunity for CATS to provide an annual free party for the children on San Juan Island. It has been chaired by numerous members including Margherita Timmons, Charlotte Chandler, Mary Sliger and others. This is the notice as it appeared in the May 2012 CATS newsletter:

2012  Mark Your Calendars For May 19th -- Noon to 2:00 PM

Our annual Teddy Bear Picnic will take place in the Gubelman Room and, weather permitting, the Steele Garden. Thanks to a generous donor, it is our annual free party for the children. Lunch will be provided and there will be crafts activities, cookie decorating, and face painting. Each child will receive a bear and a book. The entertainment this year will be none other than our retiring Executive Director, Merritt Olson who will be joined by musician Kirk Fuhrmeister. 

The May 2015 newsletter reported that a good time was had by all that year:

We were able to utilize the Steele Garden for the outdoor projects. Susan Mazzarella supervised the cookie decorating; it was messy but fun! Cyndy Gislason helped the children decorate little paper bags with stickers, sparkling paint, and tiny fuzzy balls. Each child then had an individually decorated bag in which to carry home a creatively decorated cookie. Face painting, supervised by Laura Laam and Ayla Ridwan, was a very popular project. No one looked alike and each child was eager to show off his or her new persona.  Kirk Fuhrmeister was a great hit!  While sitting on colorful quilts placed on the floor of the Gubleman, the children were entertained with his songs and stories. They also learned the sound differences of the instruments he had brought: guitar, mandolin, ukulele and harmonica.  Ann Nelson’s wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches were served again this year along with PB&J sandwiches, apple slices, strawberries and boxes of juice.

teddy bear picnic 2009

teddy bear 2016